Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ok, so I met a sweet, passionate man who is crazy about me. I like that. After spending some intense time together, snatching the longest possible hours together that we can, I went to my painting class this evening.

I worked on the painting I began a couple of weeks ago. I had only blocked out the darks, and then stopped work because I ran out of time. At class, I finished it--just like that! It's not precise or careful, but full of the warm energy of being loved, and yes, perhaps, loving, that I feel. It's the kind of painting I want to make, the kind of energy I want to explore. I am deeply grateful to this man for opening up this energy for me.

What was I doing that was different? I made sure I wasn't doing any precious sort of blending on the palette, or shaping of shapes on the canvas. This wasn't really an intellectual decision, but rather bringing to bear the lessons I've been learning from my instructor. Then the application of the paint was an application of energy, really. That's how I can best describe it. Using enough paint, minute adjustments of colour, but not worrying to much about colours of tones being the same across the canvas. Just generally--an impression conveyed through quick looking.

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  1. Really? I have to find this out on your blog? ...isn't it interesting, the relationship between your inner self and the expression of creativity? I know i find my creative streak is kick started when on a spiritual level I have been challenged or soothed - the key is, how do you maintain that level, or be able to grasp it or access it or surface it?